Refund Policy

Ad must be paid in full prior to shipment. An ad proof will be sent for approval within 2 weeks before the ad goes to print.  The purchaser agrees to the purchase of the ad itself; Any and all media are complimentary. The Purchaser will have the opportunity to make corrections/revisions to the ad. Upon approval of the ad proof any right to cancellation is forfeited.  Prestige Marketing does not maintain ownership rights of the ad once it is approved and the sale is final. The ad becomes the property of the purchaser and can be used in any way deemed appropriate. The purchase is for the ad placement on the schedule and any and all media spots will run free of charge for the purchase of the placement on the schedule. Prestige Marketing maintains no ownership rights of the produced radio mentions and it is the sole property of the purchaser. The produced media spot can be used for future use by the purchaser in any way deemed appropriate. Purchaser agrees to hold Prestige Marketing harmless should the produced print or media advertising be used for future advertising purposes other than what was intended. Prestige Marketing has no affiliation with any team, organization, or event. The schedule being printed is public domain.